Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So many to choose from!

I don’t know who decided that girls should wear earrings? I know they look pretty and can add the finishing touch to any outfit but they inevitable get tangled in whatever box your keeping them in, one gets lost never to be seen again, or the backs disappear into the black hole along with your other sock and that pen you can never seem to find. One more problem, and I promise there is a point to this vent session, but I forget which things I do have and wear what I wear everyday. I decided to find a new way to store my earrings this week. I had a vision for a cute little frame with mesh to do the job.  I had found an old frame at an antique store for $1 a few months ago but it was black and kind dingy looking. I spray painted it a sage green and then scuffed it up a little bit to make it look more vintage. It must have been fate because after scouring my garage I found the perfect roll of mesh screen, cut it to fit the opening in the frame. I  stapled the mesh to the back of the frame and voila! ( and really who doesn’t want to use a staple gun?) After adding the earrings and putting it on a clear stand, I now have a perfect addition to my dresser to display all of those earrings I thought were lost, tangled, or buried in a drawer! The problem now is there are too many to choose from!!

 The frame to start with
Now with the spray paint added (note the colorful drop cloth from other previous projects!)

This was my favorite part because I got to use the staple gun!

Almost finished

Voila! So many earrings to choose from, who knew! They will never be forgotton or tangled again.

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