Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Junk Hunting, Favorite Places, and Distractions

The junk beckons. It calls to me. That means only one's time for the bi-annual trip to the motherland of antiques and junk to cull through piles with the best of them. Most normal, sane, well adjusted people might think that this is a crazy endeavor, especially to do this twice a year. But to the crazy folk like me it's nothing more than the perfect Saturday. I can always find time to look for new old things. Stop. Re-read that last sentence, I promise it will makes sense the second time around.

It ended up being a completely gorgeous day when I headed out there. It was April so it was "not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket". For those of you that are up to date on Miss Congeniality quotes, you just missed one. That being said, you really didn't need a jacket. This is Texas after all. As always, the junk didn't disappoint. I'm becoming more and more familiar with the layout of the whole show and I can really focus on finding fun things. Well that, and of course the always wonderful world of people watching. Oh the people watching. That didn't disappoint either. All I can say on that front is fanny packs, black socks, and bikini's, in that order. That is all. Cue the photo reel:

How great would these be reupholstered?

Mid Century Modern is everywhere!

No matter what it may seem, this was a baby Barcelona chair replica...made out of stone. Not sure what purpose it serves but it definitely made you remember him.

A dance hall needs those.

I wish I had a good movie reference about hot air balloons for this one.

This Way!

Dictator chihuahua

Only in Texas. Skulls, a giant rooster, and pick up trucks.
JULIO!!! My junk hunting compadre! He's now become a landmark for me since he has graced us with his presence for several years now out in Warrenton.

Nuff said.

I adore this. The color of that natural wood and all the industrial circular mirrors...genius. Disregard me in the reflection.

I'm still wracking my brain trying to figure out where I could use a concrete flamingo...any thoughts?

LOVE..That's all I have for this guy...more love.

I don't know why dog portraits are so funny to me...but lets face it, you know they're hilarious.

Hello gorgeous Texas weather.

A reindeer, Donuts, and drinks. What ARE you waiting for?

I didn't always pull out my camera due to prying eyes and sneaky looking vendors so here are some pics from the phone:

I spy an alma mater in there.

Thermos... party of 12
That Good Old Baylor Line?

Drool for the stool.

I loved this guy a lot... check for his picture later.

Honestly.... I was really tempted here

My new prize possession.

At the end of the day I most definitely had some tired feet, but I also had some new finds. The sunburst clock (above) was something I've been searching for for over a year. **I still regret not jumping on a sunburst mirror I found over a year ago so this guy was a no brainer. I also found the bar cart (also above). He's going to turn into something marvelous lets hope. Something neon, metallic, bright maybe? Who knows, he could go all white lacquer and more classic, only time will tell. I also found a couple of mirrors and an old Baylor yearbook to round out the day. I know what your thinking. Your thinking "Hey big spender, what were you thinking buying so much random junk". Well I will tell you what I was thinking. I would like to think I can see the potential in things and bring out the best in them. Sometimes it works out better than others but the process is really the fun part for me. Sidenote: It was the last weekend of the show so I didn't pay what the given price was on anything that I ended up buying, and nothing more than $35!
Reward for a job well done.

And then I saw this in the yard on the way home. I don't feel like any words that  I could write could express the way I feel about this giant egg.

I ended up with two mirrors, a bar cart, a sunburst clock and an old Baylor yearbook. Here's a little peek:

I just have to add it. After few weekends after Warrenton I was able to soak up some sun in my favorite place in the entire state...

It's so wonderful. I mean really wonderful. It's my favorite place. I'll refrain from breaking into a song about Texas and the lake but just know I'm still doing it in my head. As great as weekends at the lake with friends are, it's distracting me from finishing the dresser I've been working on. Here's a little hint at what the color palette will be... I'm going for super summery and a more classic and preppy feel.
Looks good right? I thought so.

I'm out... See ya in October Warrenton.