Thursday, May 5, 2011


I know what your thinking by reading the title of this post; Glamping, really? Did she really just say glamping, the term used for the new hobby of glamourous camping? Well i did use the word, but not for that purpose! I found this old lamp in storage that had belonged to my grandma. As you can see from the photo:

It's not that cute. I would dare use the word ugly for this thing. The gold/bronze/speckling effect to my knowledge has never been a big style trend, except on and the set of The Golden Girls. Here's a close up:

 It's one of those lamps that just sat in the corner that nobody noticed. Poor neglected little thing. Well, it's time for this little guy to come out of the shadows and embrace a new style. The lamp itself is actually all metal and really sturdy (aka heavy), which only made the find better. The detail and shape of the lamp is also really interesting but it just wasn't being noticed with the color that it was. I decided to go with black lacquer. It's clean, simple, contemporary and beautiful and I thought it would help show off the shape of the lamp alot better. I bought some black lacquer spray paint at a local hardware store and went to work. I had to do multiple coats to get the black shine that I was looking for but finally after many hours of waiting and paint fumes, TA DA!

Next I had to address the shade. Ooooh the shade. This wonder was not doing any favors for the already unattractive lamp.

I replaced it with a clean white drum shade that I found at Target, I thought that would be the best way to keep it clean and simple. Needless to say I think this lamp looks loads better and now can hitch a ride with Michael J. Fox  back to the future and into the 21st century.
P.s. I'm thinking of getting an oversized white drum shade instead of the current one, thoughts?

Check back soon for new pictures of the lamp and table with a new beautiful, natural backdrop!