Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer's Here

Texas summer has officially hit in full force. Wake up and feel the heat. Literally. For example, this morning I woke up at 7:00 A.M. and it was already 85 degrees, by 11:00 it was 92, only to rise well into triple digits by noon. It's oppressive, humid, and unrelenting. It makes you sunburned, sweat way more than any average person, aaaaannd smell bad (from the obscene amount of sweat you are producing). But beauty be damned I am choosing this time to start multiple projects and re-do's. Why? I'm either just really excited about them or slightly crazy, the answer being most likely a mixture of both. Texas summer does have it's upsides though. It means lake time and popsicles, late nights and baseball (all in all I would like to think that they even out). 

 Luckily I've grown up with the Texas heat and even chose to go to camp as camper then counselor for 14 years for 2 weeks in August with NO A/C. Shocking, I know but it gives me the confidence that I will NOT melt while attempting my beautification of the old and outdated.

I'll admit I'm trying my hand at some different things, that may or may not turn out perfectly. Photography, reupholstery, refinishing, and building from scratch are all pipe dreams that I have only minorly attempted, if at all. I realize that all of these tasks require lots of time,effort, and trial and error in order to acheive that looks that I want. Again, I may be crazy but gosh darn it I'm gonna try anyway. Before I start those those projects I want to share what I've been up to the last few months. I wrote about my table and lamp re-do but I tried my hand at taking some better photos. I may have looked a bit strange ( more strange than I normally do) down by the Bayou with a lamp, table, and camera in tow but no matter, I did it anyway. I loved the lighting late in the day but I'm still working on getting my manual settings perfect. One more time, I'm just starting to learn how to take better pictures, apetures and shutter speed are still quite confusing but I'm hoping to get better eventually, so I can have better photos! Here are the best of them:

 I also got to work on some special things for my college roommates wedding! I was so excited that Sara asked me to help and I loved getting to hear all her cute ideas for her south Texas outdoor wedding. The wedding was beautiful and I loved getting to spend time with all my college roomies (5girls + 1house= countless/priceless stories)! Sara blogs over at, check it out! Anyway, here's a collage of the little things I was able to contribute!

Now about the newbies. I've gotten 3 new pieces lined up to get going on. I found a cute little chest of drawers and coffee table at goodwill that had a really nice bones but they definitely need some work.

I also found 2 lamps that I'm really pumped about!

Hopefully I can start working this weekend (in the heat) and come up with something!