Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The lamp left behind

So I blogged about my cute little Easter Egg lamp that I just finished, but I forgot to mention that I had completely redone his slightly taller, slightly brassier friend also! I'm so mean, he's been waiting patiently to be shown off. Poor guy. I guess now's his chance. I bought him and the Easter egg at the same time at a Goodwill. If I'm remembering correctly he was either $8 or $12. Regardless of the actual price he was clearly an exorbitant sum to spend on a humble brass table lamp but I bit the bullet and shelled out the cash. I think this lamp is great, to me it kinda commands attention without screaming it at you- he's classy like that. But the brass?? Yeah, not so classy. It had to go, even though I just silver leafed another lamp and I'm currently loving all things metallic-I just couldn't stomach the 1985 I should have a burgundy and hunter green plaid lampshade in a study full of stuffed animal heads and paintings of red coats and fox hunts. Extreme? Maybe, but that's the image I had in my head. I had to get it out, sorry, but you know that you were thinking it too. So yep, the brass had to go.

I thought that the shaped lended itself well to a softer color because of the shape and size. It would still command the attention that it deserved but without the fox and hound look. So I used a Brillo pad to make the surface a little porous so that the paint would stick better.

Then I sprayed him with this soft sage color.

Sidenote: If I were telling someone how to spray paint, then I would tell them to keep an equal distance away and spray lightly and in lots of coats to get even color without drips. I on the other hand get overzealous on occasion and things like this happen:

Then came the task of finding the shade that would complement but also be a smide different, because who wants to be like anyone else anyway? I ended up with this linen shade from Pottery Barn. I will refrain for gushing about Pottery Barn, but I do love that gosh darn store. It's a great natural jute color and it's semi-see through due to the larger weave so I ended up with an Edison bulb that was a bit more decorative than just a run of the mill bulb. I have to say I love looking at that bulb through the shade! I was worried that it wouldn't last very long but it's now Feburary and I've been using it since September. When I say use, I mean everyday so I'm now an Edison bulb believer, i wish I could use them in multiple other locations... I'll have to start searching.

What do you think, does it look better now? It's just too bad it's to bright to see the Edison bulb shining through in this picture.

They might look a little funny as a pair now with this guy on the other side (see below) but they have character and I like them that way. End of story.