Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Little Blog Love

Wow! I can't believe that it's already March! My poor little blog has been neglected these past few months. So I decided to give my blog a little Valentines lovin and  dedicated this post to the coolest and most inspiring things that I've seen so far in 2011. Obviously most of these things have to do with either home decor or some kind of craft. This should not really be surprising to anyone that has met me. I'm that girl that buys 100 Flea Market Finds and Elle Decor instead of Cosmo or Vogue. Yep, want to find the way to my heart? It's called a Michaels or Hobby Lobby gift card and if you ever need a paintbrush, I'm your girl.

Company C: I absolutely LOVE almost everything from this manufacturer! Mixed with some great neutrals all of the color and pattern can add fun and personality to any room.

They have such bright and fun rugs and bedding, how can you not feel happy when you look at them!

Not to be outdone with the bright colors CB2 has great great furniture, bedding, and accessories that are both modern and playful.

How cute and chic is the little yellow sofa?

YES, this bedroom is super cute

I want everything from the books to the chair, and of course the dog.
The cutest dog bed i've ever seen!

Ok, if you were just looking at the pretty pictures before, STOP and read this now. Spooflower creates fabric out of your own desings. That is not a joke. You get to create your own fabric. I repeat you get to create your own fabric. So basically this means you have control over fabric, that you can you in your house or wear, that is entirely professional and looks great. It really boggles my mind, and also makes me really excited at all the ideas I could come up with. They also sell other fabric and styles designed by other people but I think that this concept is truly genius, and I'm jealous I didn't come up with it first.

This kit is fabulous!They have all sorts of tools to help make sure you never get burned with a hot glue gun. As I'm sure everyone has experienced, the hot glue gun can be your worst enemy, especially if it's late at night and your not paying your full attention to where all that glue is going. This kit is obviously one of my favorite things in 2011 so far.

Ok that's it for now but I have more fun things and new project pictures I'm putting up soon!
AND a little self promotion never hurt anyone so PLEASE PLEASE check out my Facebook and Etsy pages, and tell your friends! I love paiting and creating so my dream is to be flooded with people wanting custom stuff!

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
                                      -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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