Thursday, January 12, 2012


Here we are again, the new year has arrived and I vow to blog more and swear this time I will. Along with my now frequent blogging the new year I will be sketching more, cook, be better at change, and trying to make everyday an ordinary adventure ( don't judge, everyone needs their granola, sunny, and whimsical outlook on life- well for January at least). I am working on multiple projects right now but my procrastination gene has a way of sneaking back into my mind and making me forget about said projects. I'm working on sending that little gene packing and getting my stuff done in a more timely manner, because the list of things I want to do and try keeps getting longer! That list is getting longer by the second thanks to the awesome design blogs that I've been finding, here's a list of some that everyone should be reading!


I know that I said I would work on the whole procrastination thing but I don't always have projects finished in a timely manner, therefore nothing to blog about. (muah muah) So I'm going to start posting some of my favorite designs, items, pinterest favs, etc. periodically. Hope you enjoy!

I seriously love this art.The color and pattern combine symmetry and bright colors that is just perfect.

Here's another one:

They're from Cozamia and they come in all different sizes and you can choose what kind of paper/canvas you want it on, what could be better?

I'm not sure how they do this but these floors are amazing and beautiful! They're call Marbelous Floors... now who doesn't love a good pun?

Wood Marbled Floors via Apartment Therapy

 "The process begins with locally-sourced Scandinavian pine, which Hansen marbles in bright colors to accentuate the unique structure of the wood, as though each plank of wood is being viewed under a microscope. The colored marbling works to highlight the nuanced patterns and shapes, turning a basic piece of blond wood into rivers and clouds of color and texture."  

I feel like I'm just repeating the same phrases again and again but these are also amazing. I may try to imitate this technique and see what happens.

How cool, right? They're old vinyl records that Patrick Laurent from Quiet Boy Studio creates for his Etsy site. Speaking of records, my mom and I just recently found some great vintage records at a thrift store that are getting framed (pictures to come)!

Who doesn't love all things British?

Speaking of British, my new favorite show is Downton Abbey. The sets, costumes, accents...aaah, so British, so beautiful.

Set right before and at the onset of World War I, I'm completely entranced with this show. I know that I'm a self admitted history nerd but I couldn't walked away from the TV when I stumbled upon this show. It airs on Sunday nights on PBS and you can watch multiple episodes online for free!

Check out this post on Design Sponge about Downton Abbey.
Fantastic Condo in Connecticut:

Just to be quirky here's a retrospect on the fork, that's right I said fork:

OOOK and I have to...

Since I set foot on the Baylor campus I have been a Bears fan, no matter the outcome. But now is the time that Baylor nation gets to rise up and show the nation what Baylor means to us, thanks to the work of these three, the teams that has risen around them and their dedicated and brilliant coaches. Ok enough of the sap but I couldn't be more proud to be an alumni (I might share this fact a little too much ;) of my university and their athletic achievements this year! 38-0 in football, mens and women's basketball since Nov. 1st. Oh that, and a Heisman trohpy! Sic em'!!  (we love ya and good luck in the NFL RGIII!!!)

I will not procrastinate. I will blog again soon. I will stop bragging so much about Baylor (not going to happen)

Maybe if I write them down then I will achieve them!

Happy Thursday!

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