Monday, January 16, 2012

Art Smart

See look, I'm already blogging again!

Art has been on my mind lately. I read lots of design blogs and magazines and look at so many wonderful pictures of  spaces that are so wonderfully designed. The more I stare at these images, the more I realize that art is most of the time what makes or breaks a room. It can add that extra sparkle that turns an ordinary room. It seems to pull all of the things together, and suddenly the space is magazine worthy. I've even seen others use art that seemingly doesn't fit, or is a completely different style than the rest of the room but, BAM, it works!
From framed art to paintings simply on canvas, photos, typography, or something completely random on the wall, I've come to the realization that it makes all the difference. In the past I've pretty much decorated with mostly pictures, in frames. How boring right? Well not really, I will always love framed photos and the memories that come with them and I think they should be framed for everyone to see who is important to you. All of that said, framed photo's does not a quality designed room make. They most definitely add some spice and much needed personalization but there should be something else that can add something great as well.

I know that art is subjective but here are some new favs that I have recently as well as some rooms that I think really utilize art in a great way.

Love me a gallery wall. (via Pinterest)

 Whoa, art is the wall and the wall is art...via Pinterest

I'm obsessed with the large painting at the end that frames out the whole space in this shot. (via Freshome)

How can you not love these re-made movie posters via Eric Tan?

I posted about COZA MIA in my last post but I still love them all!

Iconic Architecture makes some of the best art to me. (via Imagekind )

I have a weakness for nature shots too. There is nothing more captivating than capturing the raw beauty of the world we live in. (Didn't know I could be deep did ya? )

Aren't they just so inspiring? To see both the art themselves or in a space seem to add that magic sparkle that we need. They can provoke thought, happiness, joy, sorrow, all in one moment. Crazy huh? I know I know I'm getting deep again but the more I look for art that I like the more I decide that I can be very picky about what I dislike and what I'm passionate about. I want every piece of art that I have to be something that I love, not just something to put on the wall. My newly formed philosophy, which I've stolen from various famous designers, is that something in every room should mean something to you, and something should have some color, and maybe even both!

I'll leave with something more upbeat...

In theaters, in 3D. Ariel comes in a close second, but Belle is my favorite Disney princess and always will be. She wears cute blue dresses and ribbons. She reads. She gets to dance in the most beautiful ballroom in all of France. My love of Disney strikes again!

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