Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baylor sparks all kinds of creativity

As a recent graduate of Baylor University, I of course was able to return "home" for homecoming this past weekend. Thinking about the fabulous time I had at Baylor and being on campus has really inspired me. Don't be surprised if there is lots of green and gold in my next post! I've also finished a bunch of things since my last post and added them to Etsy to check it out!

Baylor Frame

Chi O Frame

My new nightstand that I covered in old Baylor newspapers

New round silver serving tray with chalkboard on the bottom.

More new and exciting news!

I'm branching out on a limb and posting some pictures of some prints I took in NYC and in our backyard garden.
A couple of people have wanted these prints so if you want any of these you can email me and I will send you the price and sizes list.

Let me know whta you think of these!! More to come soon!

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